Naomi Knight
‘I woke one morning with acute pain in my shoulder and elbow. The pain carried on for 3 or 4 weeks and was so severe that 3 of my fingers went numb and I was not getting any sleep. I was having to take pain killers several times a day until I was recommended to try Dry Needling and Massage with Michelle. I was a little anxious at first but she was brilliant, very calming and professional and within a single 60 minute session, the pain had eased substantially and after 3 sessions was gone completely. Such a relief.

Later in the year I developed a repetitive, nagging pain in my hip, probably caused by running, but again, it went on for several weeks sometimes so painful I couldn’t exercise at all. I contacted Michelle and again, after the first session the pain subsided and after 3 or 4 sessions was gone completely. It was fantastic and allowed me to complete the City to Surf again with no pain at all.

I would highly recommend this treatment as Michelle takes a direct, professional and friendly approach, giving you hints and tips about exercises you can complete at home that assist in dealing with aches and pains!!’

Benko Ure
‘Michelle may be tiny but she knows how to help guys build strength and muscle! I always feel like I’m pushed to the next level and gaining strength!’

Olivia Kiss
‘Thank you to the most inspirational, beautiful friend and trainer I have ever known. Michelle this year you not only helped me achieved one of the biggest accomplishments I have ever achieved when I climbed Everest but you also have made me the strongest physically and emotionally I have ever been. I owe you so much, I could have never done any of it without you. Cannot believe how far I have come and how much I have achieved in a year training with you. Thank you so much. Merry Xmas and have an amazing new year!! See you in 2014 for more training and bigger achievements!!!’

Thomas Kostakis
‘Michelle has introduced me to the importance of the health of the mind. Despite her youth, and her occasionally overly casual vernacular (:)), she is incredibly wise, mature and generous with her knowledge. She has really helped me through a difficult time of my life. If you ever have questions about life, happiness or stress, seek her wisdom.
Give her some cake, while you’re there.’