Postural Correction

Awareness of good posture is fundamental in building a balanced body and avoiding unnecessary injuries or physical pain from developing. Good posture consists of a natural kyphosis and lordosis of the spine (a gentle S shape from the side view).

Modern day habits such as sitting for long periods of times either in front of computers or in cars as well as general lack of movement and limited awareness of posture control, can create all types of tension areas and structural imbalances in our body.

Common postures in today’s society include hyper kyphotic (typical forward-leaning giraffe neck and head), hyper lordosis (over arching the lower back), sway back or flat back. Any structural imbalances neglected can over time, begin to limit full range of movement and can progress into acute or chronic pain in various parts of the body.

Potential future physical pain and body imbalances can be avoided simply by taking action now. Bad habits can be changed simply by developing new good habits. 

Stand taller and you will FEEL taller. In a good way. Like with an added air of confidence and positivity.

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