Massage & Dry Needling

Private Clinic at Bondi Junction Westfield Tower 1, Level 23. By appointment only.
Home Visits. Available upon request.

Developing supple muscles that are strong as well as flexible and pliable is key for supporting long term health. It minimises the risks of injuries as well as acute and chronic pains from developing.  It also ensures that the body’s self healing system can function optimally with unrestricted oxygenated blood flow to all vital organs.

LoveLife Health & Fitness specialises in:

Acute or Chronic Pain

Postural Correction 

Advanced Flexibility Techniques 

A range of pain and tension release techniques are used to treat individual cases which include Tui Na Massage, Acupressure and Meridian Line Massage as well as Dry Needling. The common goal of each is to reduce muscular tension so as to release blockages, promote circulation of oxygenated blood flow and energy, and bring the body’s skeletal structure back into alignment.

For best results, a combination of pain and tension release techniques are used simultaneously with a tailored exercise program designed to build a balanced body.

Individuals are always firstly provided with a body assessment to understand pain and tension areas and identify potential causes. Only by understanding the root causes of pain can the pain then effectively be treated and eliminated.